This jacket is designed to provide the following:

1.  A fully adjustable, lightweight, quick drying, self drained fishing waistcoat, standard size to accommodate chest measurements from 82 - 130 cm.

2. A fishing waistcoat with removable colour coded insulation pouches allowing full or partial body insulation.

3. A fishing waistcoat with optional removable built in two litre hydration system.

4. A fishing waistcoat that will comply with requirements of kayaking jackets used for kayak and surfski racing when insulation is in place.  This takes place as a result of the fact that the insulation material used is the same as that used in kayaking jackets and provides natural buoyancy for the user.

5. A fishing waistcoat with built in rescue harness including adjustable crotch straps and lifting loop.


The combo jacket seeks to provide fishermen with a versatile garment which combines innovative design with safety and comfort.   The jacket is designed for use in or on rivers, dams, lakes, tidal estuaries, surf and seashore.   It will complement fishing from dryground, wading, boating, float tubing, kayak fishing and small craft fishing.



1.  Lightweight, quick dry, hard wearing fabric.

2.  Full mesh drainage for pockets and seams.

3.  Heavy duty, non-corrodable nylon zips and sliders.

4.  Submersible nylon non-corrodable marine emergency whistle.

5.  Ten usable pockets with nylon zips and velcro closures.

6.  Left and right velcro backed rod keeps.

7.  Left and right webbing rod butt parks.

8.  Two front and one back accessory attachment buckles.

9.  Two front and one back Hivis lime reflector strips.

10. Interchangeable left or right velcro backed lambswool fly locator.

11. Full webbing rescue harness including crotch straps and lifting loop with quick release nylon buckles.

12. Through rear adjustments, standard size jacket accommodates chest measurements from 82 - 130cm.

13. Hands free drinking system incorporating strong transparent bladder, drinking tube and ratchet clamp.

14. Facility to strap equipment on rear of jacket  e.g. waterproofs, anorak, waders, etc.

15. Generous armhole cutaways for unrestricted arm movements.

16.  Velcro closure on the seams allowing access to inner garment to facilitate removable insulation panels for front and back of garment.

17.  Removable panels generate personal buoyancy to kayak specifications.

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