About Us

Who We Are:

Tripper™ is committed to designing and producing the best quality products tuned to your specific need in all the various avenues of our endeavor.


Tripper™ drinking systems, accessories and clothing for water sports have been specifically designed to meet your needs, enhancing the pleasure of being in, on and sometimes under the water. Tripper™ products are manufactured from best quality materials and are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defect. All items are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and tested under the harshest conditions to ensure your satisfaction. Spare parts are available from your stockists, or directly from Tripper™ Products.

What Can We Do For You:

If there are any sports clothing or accessory items that you require in your line of sport, or if you have any suggestions about new products that we could design for you, please contact us. All input is appreciated.


For further information about the products appearing in this web site as well as the wide range of other Tripper™ Products, encompassing sport and leisure clothing and accessories, industrial and military, Contact Gordon Tripp by way of the Contact Us link provided in the menu.